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Sending us your photos

All of Pop Gods personalised pop art portraits are hand drawn from the photographs you, the customer provides. As such it is a fundamental aspect to make sure you are able to send us your cherished photograph quickly, securely and in a manner that everyone can achieve.

There are 3 simple ways to send us your photo:- 

  • Upload your photograph to our secure server.

    The easiest and fastest method to send us your photograph is to upload your digital photograph when you select the features of your portrait on the order form. Simply browse your computer and add to the order form along with your selected pop art portrait.

  • Email your photograph.

    Alternatively you can email your photograph to us - just send the digital file to, and remember to include your name, address and order number in the email so we know which order it belongs to.

  • Post your photograph.

    If you do not have a digital photo to work from but a printed copy, just pop it in the post and send it to Pop God, 52 Ladysmith Road, Brighton, BN2 4EG and we will scan the image and send the original back along with your finished artwork. Again remember to include your name, address and order number.

personalised portrait - free photo check 

Which Photos work best?

Pop God can only create truly stunning personalised art if the photograph is of a suitable quality with the detail required to hand draw every aspect of the design. We will always look at your photograph to start with and consider whether it is of a suitable quality appropriate for a personalised portrait and rest assured most digital photographs these days are more than adequate for our designs.

There are a number of reasons why we require a high quality photograph to begin with - the most important factor is that we must be able to see all the important details of the face and occasionally body, such as the eye, as these aspects are crucial to the most detailed pop art styles we offer. Some of our pop art styles however are better suited for poorer quality photographs, so if you require any advice on a particular photograph please contact us and we will be happy to recommend a suitable style.

Ideally we want a sharp, clean and clear image where the face and body is evenly lit so we can pick out all the detail that makes you or your subject what you are. The ideal photograph is a close up of the subject, but we can often use images that do not match this criteria and it is best that you send us your photo and we will instruct you about its suitability. Otherwise try and provide a photograph with all or some of these characteristics:

Sharp;    The best photos are crystal clear and feature crisp, sharp details. Blurry photographs are difficult to draw from as they do not have the detail required for the very best personalised pop art portraits.

Well lit;   It is also important that the subject that you wish to have illustrated is well lit. Ideally the subject would be in good, even lighting which clearly shows the detail in the persons face, pet or subject. It is also beneficial that the subject does not have strong shadows on them as this too can obscure vital details.

Good contrast and brightness;   Please make sure that the photo is not over exposed (very light and white) or underexposed (too dark)

Your satisfaction is very important to us and we want to create only the very best personalised design for each and every customer, so providing us with really good photos can make your portrait truly stunning.

Do you accept black and white photographs?

Yes of course. Many people have old cherished photographs that they would love a fresh modern personalised artwork from and our highly skilled illustrators can give you just that. Whether you want the final pop art portrait to remain in black and white or transformed into a full colour design, Pop God can do it. Just send your photo in to us along with your order and let us know whether you require it in black and white or colour.

Can you isolate a subject?

Pop Gods artists are highly skilled and will generally be able to pick out a chosen subject from within a crowd or landscape for use within one of our modern art portraits. As long as there is no obscurring to the key features of a subject we will generally be able to subtract any subject from their surrounding.

Can you use faces from separate photographs?

Yes, Pop God can create a personalised portrait from separate photographs if you require it. We would still require high quality photographs of both subjects, but if you want a artwork to feature people who appear on different photographs we will cut out, resize and adapt the finished artwork so they appear at a similar size and in the same artwork.

Do you return printed photographs posted to you?

Of course we do, Pop God returns all mailed photographs along with the finished personalised pop art.

Can I select my favourite design from two separate personalised portraits?

If you wish to have two separate designs created in different styles from your photograph, an additional design fee will be added to cover the extra illustration. As each personalised portrait is hand drawn you must pay for the different design, as only one design is included in the price of the portrait. If you wish to see your photograph transformed into two separate styles so you can pick your favourite, just contact us with your request and we will inform you of the additional cost.

Below are some examples of different quality photographs used for Pop Gods personalised pop art portraits.

good photos - personalised pop art portraits

okay photos - personalised pop art portraits

bad photos - personalised pop art portraits

Pop God is capable of using most photographs for our  personalised art, but the detail in the photograph determines which style it will be suitable for. If you are unsure whether your photograph is suitable please use our free photo check for advise.

If you require any assistance or can not find the information you require before ordering please contact us and we will be happy to advise and help with any requirement. Pop God hand draws each and every personalised pop art portrait and has extensive experience in creating only the finest portraits on the market - so if we can't help you no one can.